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Jacky Tong's Personal Page

Summer Intern (Community Operations) - Uber Hong Kong

During my time at Uber, I was responsible for managing client relations and addressing tech and platform-related problems for both riders and drivers. I also assisted in new Uber Taxi driver acquisition by reaching out to over 50 taxi drivers and effectively pitching the platform to them. Furthermore, I made a significant impact on the company by improving Uber's map functions through fixing over 300 map reports, resulting in a better overall experience for both riders and drivers. Overall, my experience at Uber has taught me the importance of strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and the ability to drive results in a fast-paced environment.

Summer AO Intern - Transport and Housing Bureau, HKSAR Government

My experience as an Administrative Service (AO) Summer Intern at the Transport and Housing Bureau of the HKSAR Government was a unique opportunity to shape the transportation landscape of Hong Kong. I was able to engage with Subject Officers on policy formulation and review pricing strategies for the franchise bus and MTR, as well as accompany the Secretary and Subject Officers in meetings with local bus companies. My work on a wide range of policy-related tasks gave me the chance to explore different aspects of the transportation industry and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Through my efforts in policy research, analysis, and communication, I was able to contribute to the team and create shared values for the future of transportation.

Jun 2021 to Aug 2022

Summer Intern (Terminal Operations) - Airport Authority Hong Kong 

As a Terminal Operation Intern at the Airport Authority Hong Kong, I assisted in managing daily terminal operations and improving travelers' trip journey through digitalization, demonstrating my ability to take ownership and improve processes. I also helped improve COVID-19 handling procedures and coordinated with various stakeholders to create a seamless travel experience, showcasing my ability to explore new things and communicate effectively with different backgrounds. I also used my skills and knowledge to contribute to the team and improve the overall travel experience for passengers, aligning with the organization's shared values.

Jun 2022 - July 2022

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