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Jacky Tong's Personal Page

Equalising education opportunities - my digital and innovative way to e-learning 

Growing up in a normal family and experiencing the cut-throat competition in the local education system, I understand the difficulty of climbing the steep social ladder with limited resources and an unfruitful background. I hope to equalize learning opportunities and create a more empathetic and diverse society. I founded my own education platform campusly.dse which provides free learning resources and career tips to high school students in Hong Kong. I had helped over 13K students in Hong Kong and collaborated with large names including RedBull, SCMP and HKJEBN. I am on the track to my social aspiration and at the same time, I had equipped myself with multiple skills such as website-building, social media marketing and SEO techniques. 

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Leading the Flagship Summer Institute Programme in CUHK

I led a summer programme ​"Nurturing gifted students to be entrepreneurs in STEM industry" in CUHK for 50+ high school students in Hong Kong which included lectures about AI, Big Data, Economics and Finance and Marketing, as well as site visits to think tanks, tech firms, NGOs and Government departments. The programme received over USD$100K funding from the government and was co-organised by CUHK, and Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Students.

Jan 2021 to Jan 2022

My side projects - Tutor for High School Students 

I work as a private tutor for high school students in Hong Kong. The subject I teach, "Liberal Studies", combines knowledge from different disciplines and aims at equipping students with skills to analyse issues (including their moral and social implications), solve problems, make sound judgments and provide suggestions, using multiple perspectives, creativity and appropriate thinking skills. 

I had over 200 students in the past 2 years and besides giving them subject knowledge, I also advise them on college admission, major selection and career development. Many of them are admitted to top-tier universities in Hong Kong 

Jan 2021 to now

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