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It is my aspiration to equalize learning opportunities and create a more empathetic and diverse society through integrating the resources in business sector into our education system and promoting entrepreneurial skills and innovative mindsets to high school students in Hong Kong. Along the way, I share my experience, unleash their potential and nurture our future pillars.

Two years before, I founded my own education platform ( which provides free learning resources and career tips to high school students in Hong Kong. I had helped over 13K students in Hong Kong and collaborated with large names including RedBull, SCMP and HKJEBN. My website recorded over 5000 visit per week. I am on the track to my social aspiration and at the same time, I had equipped myself with multiple skills such as website-building, social media marketing and SEO techniques.

I am now leading a team of 10 under CUHK Business School to provide a half-year Business x Technology Programme to 50+ secondary school students in Hong Kong. We empower them through hosting lectures on Smart Cities, AI, FinTech as well as Python programming which greatly enhance their digital awareness in the era of technology. I truly believe that interdisciplinary learning is the prerequisite of innovation and business growth in the future.

Please feel free to connect with me if you are interested in exploring any untapped possibilities and create new synergies among our society to maximize the social impact through collaborating with people from all walks of life!

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